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  • Plug our tested-and-proven webinars straight into your marketing and cash in on crazy conversions
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  • Use our replay videos with YOUR affiliate links and keep all the profits!
  • Use our videos straight with the evergreen automated webinars and never worry about making money from webinars ever again

Here’s what you’re getting inside the membership

5 Complete Done-For-You Webinars (worth $997)

You get 5 replay videos for 5 products you can become an affiliate of. That means you can use OUR marketing and OUR webinars - which are proven to convert up to 50% and just send traffic to them, use YOUR affiliate link and collect all sales! Start making money with webinars from day 1!

At least ONE Done-For-You Webinar Each Month (worth $197/mo.)

As long as you're a paying member of our membership - you will get a webinar replay of the best converting webinars we run for products that are always up to date! So you can always promote the newest offers using the best possible marketing

All Webinar Powerpoint Templates (Worth $197/mo.)

You get all the Powerpoint presentations to the 5 webinars you get right away + the one delivered to you every month.

That means you can literally tap into our exact blueprints on how we generate 50% PLUS conversion rates to run your own webinars - either tweak the presentations for the already existing products OR use them as a starting point  for your own - by following our webinar flow you're guaranteed to convert big time on any offer!

Ability To Use Any/All Of The Webinars As Your Own Through Our Evergreen Automated Webinars Module (Worth $997)

That's right - you just load our webinars into Webinar X - and it will appear as a session in progress to your audience - as if you're doing the webinar LIVE! That means higher conversions, more sales and a better connection with your list: basically you get all the benefits of webinar marketing, without EVER even running a webinar yourself

Unparalleled Price

If you're adding of all these up - you're getting over $384 worth of value EVERY
SINGLE MONTH for over 10 times less.
Not even to mention the $1,497 of pure value you get right away when you sign up.

I hope you agree these extra features really complement the product and take it to another level. This is a one-time opportunity. Don't let it slip past and jump on board!


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