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Add your own domain name (Worth $167):

Your regular license allows you to run webinars on our domain only, so you're restricted to the Webinar X branding. But the PRO version allows you to forward it to any domain you wish - meaning your webinar links can become something similar to - POWERFUL branding for your audience

Developers License (Worth $197):

While you use Webinar X for yourself and your various businesses, with developers rights you can also "rent" it out to clients and other business by getting them to pay you a fat flat fee to use your account. OR even better yet, enroll them on a monthly fee and generate a solid recurring income. As long as you're selling for less than $400, getting offline clients used to Gotowebinar's prices will be easy!

Custom Logo (Worth $97):

Since you'll be renting webinar X sites for a huge profit - why not brand yourself in the process? That's right with the PRO version you can add your OWN logo - so your buyers won't even suspect they're using Webinar X AND keep sending you money every month.

Unlimited Live Webinars (Worth $197)

With this upgrade, you can now run unlimited monthly LIVE webinars. There is NO limit what-so-ever - never will be. This is perfect if one day you plan to extend what WebinarX can do for you.

Unlimited Automated Webinars (Worth $97)

Now if you REALLY want to scale up your business, you would want to run completely automated webinars. You can do that with this upgrade. Infact - you can EVEN run multiple webinars concurrently.

FB Comment Integration (Worth $97)

Want to build social proof for your webinars? We do that all the them - check out the screenshot. This is REALLY simple to do - and if you do it, it could potentially DOUBLE the attendees you have!

Retargeting Integration (Worth $97)

If you run any kinds of ads, you know the power of running retargeting ads. Well this upgrade makes it EASY to add retargeting to any of your WebinarX landing pages. Do this for MAXIMUM exposure

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  • Add Your Own Domain Name: $167 VALUE
  • Developers License To Rent Webinars: $197 VALUE
  • Custom Logo on your Sites: $97 VALUE
  • Unlimited Live Webinars: $197 VALUE
  • Unlimited Automated Webinars: $97 VALUE
  • Social Features: $97 VALUE
  • Retargeting Features: $97 VALUE

Total Value: $961

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